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SigGear Antriebssysteme GmbH!

Siggear, a professional manufacturer of gear and planetary gearboxes, offer the drive solutions according to customers' requirements. Founded in 2008, Siggear mastered the core KNOW-HOW design and production of gear and planetary gearboxes. Every 30-60 days we will finish the whole process from design to styling. The current product has covered almost all of the microdrive systems, including automotive, home robots, drones, medical and beauty equipment, power tools, etc. The modern production facilities, the raw materials from Germany and Japan, the non-dust workshop, the ISO9001 and TS6949 certified quality assurance system, the TQM Total Quality Management line and the more than 10 years of industry experience guarantee high innovation competence and a consistently high quality.

Siggear is one of the world's conneted multi-site companies through a network of manufacturing workshops, R & D facilities and distribution companies. Our products are exported to many countries in Europe, East Asia, the Middle East and America.

In order to provide better service and closer cooperation for European customers, Siggear has established a branch office in Aachen, Germany on May 2017. The fast and flexible sample local production with the mass production cost advantages in China offers us a big advantage over our competitors.



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