Founded in September 2008, SigGear owns a group of highly qualified technical staff in  gearbox production, a range of automated high-precision machining systems and key know-how in design and manufacturing.

Since 2010, SigGear has focused on the design, development and manufacture of planetary gearboxes. Our transmission systems and solutions have applications on following products of our customers, e.g. household robots, intelligent toilets, children accompanying robots, intelligent security surveillance, medical equipment, beauty equipment, drones, 4G base station signal converter, ATM, car central locking system, automated tailgate, electric bicycle, electric tools, office automation etc.

At the same time, the company restructured the management, from the family business to a modernized Companiy. Advanced management tools are used, formal management standards are introduced. SigGear received the ISO9001 QM certification in 2016, and the TS16949 certification in 2017.

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